Welcome to NWIndies

We are a group of independent game developers in the North West UK. NWIndies was formed because of the amazing number of independent developers setting up camp in the NW. With the rise of mobile and social apps, and the opportunities opening up via digital distribution, being an independent games developer is one of the most exciting places to be. This group acts as a hub for our members, and will hopefully show visitors to this site the amazing potential in the NW.

The group is private but not secret. People can request membership via our forums. We also run public forums where people can talk about the indie scene and get to know our members. The group was formed in Feb 2011 by Martin Linklater, and is growing strong. Please take a look at our 'Indies' page for links to our members companies, and the 'Software' page for links to our software. NWIndies isn't an official body or umbrella company - all our members are independent business owners.

For a press pack with further info please contact info@nwindies.org.uk We are also working on different kind of projects such as code psn gratuit which is a great site to giveaway free playstation related stuff to our loyal members on regular basis you can check out other projects on the site too